Black History Month

Black Excellence in the Arts

Join STAR in learning and appreciating Black artists in the past, present & future! Follow our 4 week collection of different art mediums and learn how art is a true expression of one's self.

​Week 4

Analyzing and Appreciating Poetry 


Poetry expresses a lot of emotions and can be seen as an extension of one's true self. Keep a look out for our video of our STAR kids and Staff reading poetry. 

Power to Poetry (1).png

​Week 3

The Healing Power of Drums


Drums are a large part of the African Diaspora culture and can be used for a variety of things such as music and medicine. Join us in listening to Mike Fair's live and past performances. 

A big thank you to Mr. Mike Fair for coming in and teaching us about the Healing Power of drums!

​Week 2

Celebrating Influential Performers & Athletes who have changed the world through their performances on stage,

playing fields and film


​Read about the contributions of each amazing artist in our slideshow below.


​Week 1

Celebrating Female Artists/Activists, who had the courage to let their art speak on their behalf

Image collection, information, & narration produced by Louise Shields 

​Click view more to listen to the narration and see more art

Mother and Child

Mother and child

Elizabeth Catlett 
American Sculptor 

Barbara Jones - Wall of Respect Mural

Wall of Respect Mural

Barbara Jones-Hogu
​Painter & Printmaker
1938 ~ 2017 

The Harp

The Harp

Augusta Savage (born Augusta Christine Fells) 


Carri Mae Weems- The Kitchen Table

The Kitchen Table Series

Carrie Mae Weems

April 20, 1953-

Tar Beach

Tar Beach

Faith Will Jones 

October 8, 1930-

Earth and Sky

Earth and Sky

Lorna Simpson 

Photographer and Multimedia Artist