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Black History Month

Black Excellence in the Arts

Join STAR in learning and appreciating Black artists in the past, present & future! Follow our 4 week collection of different art mediums and learn how art is a true expression of one's self.

​Week 4

Analyzing and Appreciating Poetry 


Poetry expresses a lot of emotions and can be seen as an extension of one's true self. Keep a look out for our video of our STAR kids and Staff reading poetry. 

Power to Poetry (1).png

​Week 3

The Healing Power of Drums


Drums are a large part of the African Diaspora culture and can be used for a variety of things such as music and medicine. Join us in listening to Mike Fair's live and past performances. 

Healing Power of Drums with Mike Fair

Healing Power of Drums with Mike Fair

Play Video

A big thank you to Mr. Mike Fair for coming in and teaching us about the Healing Power of drums!

​Week 2

Celebrating Influential Performers & Athletes who have changed the world through their performances on stage,

playing fields and film


​Read about the contributions of each amazing artist in our slideshow below.

​Week 1

Celebrating Female Artists/Activists, who had the courage to let their art speak on their behalf

Image collection, information, & narration produced by Louise Shields 

​Click view more to listen to the narration and see more art

Mother and Child

Mother and child

Elizabeth Catlett 
American Sculptor 

Barbara Jones - Wall of Respect Mural

Wall of Respect Mural

Barbara Jones-Hogu
​Painter & Printmaker
1938 ~ 2017 

The Harp

The Harp

Augusta Savage (born Augusta Christine Fells) 


Carri Mae Weems- The Kitchen Table

The Kitchen Table Series

Carrie Mae Weems

April 20, 1953-

Tar Beach

Tar Beach

Faith Will Jones 

October 8, 1930-

Earth and Sky

Earth and Sky

Lorna Simpson 

Photographer and Multimedia Artist


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