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"Once you're a STAR Kid, you're always a STAR Kid!"

For 30 plus years, the STAR Program has been one of the best summer programs available for youth interested in theatre and video arts education since it was founded in 1985 by Marilyn Abad-Cardinalli, Professor Emeritus of Theatre and Television Arts at Gavilan College.  Throughout our rich history, STAR has become a summer tradition for many families and an important part of hundreds of children's lives.  Summer vacations are often planned around our programs!
Our talented STAR leaders create safe and nurturing spaces for all participants to feel confident to express themselves creatively. We believe it is a strong testament to the success of the STAR Program that so many of our STAR kids return to the program to become STAR leaders, sharing their love of the arts with the next generation of STAR kids.  That's why we say that "once you're a STAR kid, you're always a STAR kid!"  
Formerly known to many as the Gavilan STAR Program, in 2014, the STAR Program became STAR Arts Education.  We are no longer on the Gavilan College campus, but the STAR staff is committed to continue to offer wonderful theatre and video arts programs for the young people in our community.  We are also very excited to forge new collaborations with several local arts organizations, businesses, and venues in the community.
STAR Arts Education is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to teach and create educational learning opportunities that are fun and engaging; focusing on the performing and visual and video arts. STAR Arts Education creates a safe place for youth to express themselves, to boost their confidence and poise, encourage their creative spirits and teach through hands on experiential projects the value of collaboration, teamwork, and the mutual respect necessary to create exceptional content distributed on the web and productions performed to live audiences of all ages. 
We hope to see you soon! 

Safe In Body, Mind & Spirit

The mission of STAR Arts Education is to provide excellent arts programs & learning experience to young people and for all audiences that are fun, engaging, and educational. Through positive experiences on stage, screen, and behind the scenes; STAR Arts Education celebrates diverse communities and exposes young people and our community to the joy of participating, collaborating, sharing & experiencing the results of the creative process.

Core Values
Love, Trust, Unity, Community, Imagination, Excellence.

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