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Safe In Body, Mind & Spirit

The mission of STAR Arts Education is to provide excellent arts programs & learning experience to young people and for all audiences that are fun, engaging, and educational. Through positive experiences on stage, screen, and behind the scenes; STAR Arts Education celebrates diverse communities and exposes young people and our community to the joy of participating, collaborating, sharing & experiencing the results of the creative process.

Core Values
Love, Trust, Unity, Community, Imagination, Excellence.

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STAR Summer Recap

STAR has Launched
Oak Tree Garden!


The cast and production staff for the Winter Showcase gathered under the Oak Tree to participate in a “Salutation to the Sun” and acknowledged the Popeloutchom (Amah Mutsun) as the indigenous tribe who provided stewardship of the land, we call Oak Tree Garden. 

STAR Arts welcomes STAR kids, families and friends to our new outdoor location, Oak Tree Garden. We are in the process of converting the area into a STAR rehearsal space for both theatre and video! We are currently under construction, but the space will be ready for STAR kids to enjoy for our summer programs!

STAR is grateful for the support of our STAR Arts Board, Advisory Board, and the STAR parents of our very first STAR cast who rehearsed at Oak Tree Garden. 

Land Acknowledgement

It is important to STAR that as we continue to learn and grow, so do our practices. As we expand into our new STAR property, Oak Tree Garden, it is important that we are knowledgeable of the history of the land on which we reside. 

Let's take a moment to acknowledge the land we are gathered on. For thousands of years, this land has been the home of Ohlone people, specifically the Popeloutchom (Amah Mutsun) Tribe. They are part of the Mutsun Nation, which at one time was comprised of some 22 Central Coast tribes.


The Popeloutchom people have remained committed to the stewardship of this land over many centuries. It has been cherished and protected, as elders have instructed the young through generations. We are honored and grateful to be here today on their traditional lands and will make it a priority to learn and teach the history of this land.

Diversity and Inclusion at STAR

STAR Arts Education strives to connect and engage all children and their families

residing in our Communities with opportunities to experience, be engaged and enjoy the performing arts on stage and on screen virtually or face to face. We aspire not only to reach out to all members of our community through our Summer Musical Theatre; Video Arts camps with onstage musical productions, outdoor performances, artistic workshops and educational partnerships with schools; but also to be inspired and influenced by those we serve, in an attempt to reflect our community and elevate our art form. We are committed to an inclusive approach and to offering equal opportunity for participation and engagement in our all STAR Arts Education programs.

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