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From our Executive Director

Our STAR ARTS Summer Staff 2020 stepped into high gear as we all faced the facts of the Pandemic of Covid 19, and the reality that STAR Summer Theatre Arts Camp was not going to be “face to face.” It was that biggest artistic and creative challenge STAR Theatre and Video Arts Day Camp has faced in 35 years. Creating a new model for STAR Arts to be entirely on-line and still be a summer that would engage and inspire young emerging actors, singers, dancers and creative video/filmmakers to participate virtually, to act, dance and sing and in front of their computer screens. Assistant editors were added to Star teaching artists to guide and inspire our STAR Kids to create, rehearse, improvise, sing, dance and perform Shakespeare’s iambic pentameter and create videos all on Zoom! The STAR Showcase was completed inthree weeks and it was Mystical and it was Magical! We learned that the best is yet to come! Believe it!

From our Programs Coordinator

These kids have created something so exciting and brand new through their collaborative, creative spirit and their bravery in diving headfirst into a new way of making theatre and film. If there is anything I learned from our summer program it’s this: there’s many things we can’t do right now, but there are more things we can do! We can create something that is definitely theatre online, and we can work together online! We can make a connection and make friends online! I am so proud of everyone!