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Stronger Together


A Statement from our founder

Marilyn Abad-Cardinalli

Fight the darkness, fear, pain by shining a light on our strengths and successes as ASIAN PACIFIC ISLANDER AMERICANS, we can change the current narrative of HATE. Let's share our family stories, accomplishments, dreams and use all our platforms to do so...on social media, virtual events, face to face, wearing masks, getting vaccinated with social distancing, and keeping our loved ones in our hearts and minds. Stay safe in body mind and spirit. Reach out to our children, our precious youth - tell them, show them, that they should not be them feel safe in body, mind, and spirit...TAKE CONTROL OF OUR ASIAN AMERICAN NARRATIVE. We are American success stories.

We cannot succumb to fear and hate.



Educate to Stop the Hate

Content created by Samantha 

Diversity Matters Logo

STAR Student Samantha has been working to spread awareness to Stop Asian Hate. She uses her voice, artistic skills and video skills to create moving and emotional pieces promoting diversity and unity. Watch the video Samantha created and the beautiful video of her singing God Help the Outcasts.

Anti-Asian Hate

Anti-Asian Hate

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