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Welcome to STAR Arts Education!

STAR is a kids Theatre Arts organization based in Gilroy, California. Our mission is to provide a creative and inclusive space for kids aged 7-17 to explore their passion for acting, video, film, and podcasting. At STAR, we believe in connecting and engaging with our STAR kids by fostering core values such as love, trust, community, unity, imagination, and excellence. Through our programs, kids not only learn acting and tech skills on and off the stage, but also develop lifelong friendships and a sense of belonging. Sign up for our newsletter below!

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Payment Plans Available

Please fill out ONE of the following payment plan forms.

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对 STAR 来说,重要的是,随着我们不断学习和成长,我们的实践也将如此。当我们扩展到我们的新 STAR 资产橡树花园时,重要的是我们要了解我们所居住土地的历史。  

让我们花点时间承认我们聚集在这片土地上。数千年来,这片土地一直是 Ohlone 人的家园,特别是 Popeloutchom (Amah Mutsun) 部落。他们是 Mutsun 民族的一部分,该民族曾经由大约 22 个中央海岸部落组成。


几个世纪以来,Popeloutchom 人一直致力于管理这片土地。它一直受到珍视和保护,就像长辈们世代相传的那样。我们很荣幸和感激今天来到他们的传统土地上,并将学习和教授这片土地的历史作为优先事项。

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